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  1. Hey everyone. Again i didn't manage to make time for PartyScape because of Uni. I still want to continue the PartyScape journey and I'm asking you for help. What would you want to be done with the server on Re-launch? Couple players have abused a major bug in the game and introduced a lot of items to the game. So thats why I am thinking of the ECO reset. The stat reset would be good for the new players. They would not be far behind the OG's. I don't know really. It's your choice. So please let me know Maby you want the server to be as it is. If so React to this post with "HaHa" mod ash reaction. Sincerely, Fart
  2. Hey Everyone who just joined and the OG's Since it's been quite some time im doing a hudge giveaway for you guys! All you have to do is comment down bellow on this post to enter. Also dont forget to check Scythe giveaway on the newest YouTube video if you haven't already. So here are the prizes! 1st winner will win first one in game x1 Twisted bow! @hunden 2nd winner will get x3 Christmas Crakers @Nether 3rd winner will get x2 Cristmas Crakers @v3n0m4s 4th winner will get x1 Cristmas Crakers Xeed Yep we will have 4 winners in this giveaway. I will pull the winners in 2 weeks. so GL! (or if we have not enough participants later) Congratz Winners! The video of me picking winners (Here)
  3. Ok so let's start off this thread with Zulrah. To get to Zulrah boss all you have to do is talk with Larrissa at Home. You will be able to teleport there every 10 minutes using this method. Extreme, Legendary and Uber donators don't have this timer. The other way to get there is by using Zlu-andra teleports. These are dropped by Zulrah itself. Zulrah drops Twisted Bow. Yep thats right a Twisted bow. This bow is rare as hell. To find its rarity you can do ::drop zulrah in-game. Other way to get a twisted bow is only by opening Mega Mystery Boxes which can be found in Store. Also Zulrah drops a Zulrah pet. You can choose the color of the pet by clicking Transform option on it. Also from now on you can see item drop rates instead of the amount by using ::drop (boss full name) command. Donators have more P.O.S. space. Ubers have 80 slots (maximum amount) Legends have 75 slots Extremes have 65 slots Supers have 50 slots Donators have 42 slots Added bank next to wildy. Fixed ::ffa dragon defender being not a dragon defender. Now when you click on Time Played it shows the exact time you've spent in-game. Added Wildy wyrm location to the quest tab Fixed that button on monster drops that didnt work. Increased bank space for everyone too.
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      If you have any more problems tell me. And sorry that im not on so much this week😕

  5. Infinity hat now doesn't make your head invisible. Santa hat is now tradable. Fixed barrows. Now gives barrows drop. (Donators get x2 the drop). Fixed Achievement tab placement. Now the one you click shows you true progress. Fixed the steal 5000 scimitar achievemnt. Fixed x2 Vote points on Mondays. Noxious Scythes are now 2H. Boosted the X-mas staff 2018. Max and Comp capes have Ava's accumulator feature.
  6. Ok so long awaited staff updates. Gz to all those of you who are now mods or supports. And thanks for the applications to those whom sent them. @satan promoted to Moderator @Iron promoted to Moderator @nilla67532 promoted to Support
  7. Ok so this Event will be held on Sunday. UTC+2 timezone about 21:00. Ill be waiting
  8. PartyScapes PVP Event Ok boys and girls. Mostly boys i guess. So This upcoming weekend i will be hosting a PVP event. I haven't decided on the time but maby you can suggest the time that fits best for you and i'll try to think of something. 1st place will win - 15 Christmas Mystery Boxes 2nd place will win - 10 Christmas Mystery Boxes 3rd place will win - 5 Christmas Mystery Boxes These boxes are a part of the on going X-mas event [Click here to know more] And don't forget about a drop party at 20 players [Here] And ofcourse there is still Achievemnt Event happening. So don't forget to check it out [Here]
  9. We are so close to 20 players. I will be hosting a drop party when we hit 20 players. together with Tram2. If you want to contribute to the Drop Party. Trade (Fart) in-game and i will drop those items. Events time will be set when we hit 20 players.
  10. Hey everyone. Happy December So Finally i bring the Christmas Update. And bunch of other fixes. So this is the first Christmas event on PartyScape. To help Santa all you have to do is talk with him at ::home. If you get lucky you can recieve the new X-mas staff (best magic weapon in slot). And sometimes you will recieve a X-mas mystery box 2018 What you can expect from these boxes are: Common Blue charms Green charms Gold charms x10 Snowball - (useless) Uncommon Santa hat Rare Santa costume body Santa costume legs Santa costume gloves Santa costume boots Candy cane Very rare X-mas staff 2018 Black santa hat Pink santa hat Lime santa hat Lava santa hat Other Things That have been fixed in this update Saying goodbye to the good old Haloween chest. I wanted to remove it earlier. But... Fixed the iron-man donations. You can only get cosmetic items on iron-men. Fixed the account null after death in wildy. Zombie fragments now go straight to inventory at ::zombie. Slash Bash now gives boss points Added God Ash emotes on Forums and Discord Fixed the Deathtouched dart donation not giving the item Resized all the pets Made Party Pooper a little bit scarier. Reduced Corps HP. Removed Corp from Donator Boss Zone.

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